Projects Currently in Development:

A Warning To The Curious – Writer / Director
A contemporary adaptation of M.R. James’ classic Ghost Story ‘A Warning To The Curious’. Currently being developed with Michael Riley / Sterling Pictures.

Rogue – Writer / Director
A teenage girl with preternatural abilities is broken out of a government facility and smuggled across a near-future Britain. They are pursued by ruthless Government operatives who are ordered to retrieve the child at any cost. Set around 15 years from now, Rogue is a dark, dystopian sci-fi set in a grim, paranoid, near-fascist Britain. The project is currently being developed with Michael Riley / Sterling Pictures.

Iniquity – Director (Attached)

Iniquity tells the true story of Dic Penderyn and the Merthyr Uprising of 1831 – At the height of the Industrial Revolution the once peaceful rural community of Merthyr Tydful in South Wales fast became the global epicentre of the world’s iron trade. Working slave-like conditions, the colliers were subjected to disease, pestilence and starvation. This brought about the birth of the union movement in Wales. Where ordinary workers realised that the only way they could take themselves and their families out of such desperate poverty, was through strength-in-numbers.